PoppyPoppy was built in 2004 to the Thomas II design. The type was designed by Roger Marsh for the Beer Heights Miniature Railway in Devon where they already had a loco called Thomas.

The engine is based on a Hunslet narrow gauge tank engine and is built for commercial heavy use, with features making it simple to operate and rugged.

Poppy was built in the Pennines by John Horsfall for the Chester based Grosvenor Park Railway. It was originally called Stevie B after the owner of that line but has been renamed since arriving in Essex.

Poppy is fitted with steam brakes and is a powerful locomotive that steams very well. It carries its water in side tanks as well as the tender making it an 0-4-2T and T designation.

We have had the engine overhauled for the 2014 season and it is expected to be mainstay of our services.

Poppy weighs nearly 3/4 ton in working order.

YeoYeo is a 1/3rd scale replica of an engine that was built in the 1895 for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway in North Devon. The original Yeo was one of three engines named after local rivers and ran until 1935 when the line closed.

Our Yeo was built by well known company Milners in 1979 for the Gorse Blossom Railway in Devon. It was one of a pair, the other being in the National Railway Museum.

Yeo is one of the largest and most powerful engines available in 7 1/4" gauge and is a very well known engine. Weighing almost a ton she has no flanges on the centre driving wheels to allow her to negotiate tight curves. Yeo carries the livery that the prototype was delivered in back in 1895.

Popular LadyPoplar Lady was built new for our line in 2013/4 and is the third loco of this type built by the builders, Ride On Railways of Romford. The design is based on a diesel locomotive built for the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway in Kent.

Poplar Lady is powered by batteries and has 8 motors driving all four axles. She has electronic control similar to that used on hybrid cars and has both regenerative and vacuum braking systems.

The loco is well liked by our drivers as she is easy and comfortable to operate, as well as being instantly available for use when compared to a steam engine.

A full charge of the batteries will last all day in normal service.

AliceALICE is the most recent arrival of our three steam engines and is one of the largest engines on this gauge in the country. Weighing in at well over a ton, she is a scale replica of an American narrow gauge Baldwin loco that used to operate in Maine.

ALICE has a 2-4-2 wheel arrangement and is 12ft long including the tender. American engines were designed for ease of maintenance rather than beauty and this gives ALICE her rugged good looks and plain black livery.

Most recently operating at the Van Hage garden centre near Ware, ALICE is a gentle giant and very popular with our drivers. ALICE tends to be used on busier days when she can pull the heaviest trains with ease.